Recycle Center at the Library and in Kickapoo

There is a large recycle container located on the south side of the library near the alley for all library district residents to use.  This is co-mingle service, so no need to separate anything.  Please check the label on the container for the list of accepted items. Please, NO GLASS, as it will probably get broken and there are people sorting at the Galva plant!

Brimfield Public Library is also proud to sponsor recycling for residents in the Kickapoo area!  There are three large containers located near the Kickapoo Township building just off Rt. 150 in Kickapoo.  Brimfield Public Library sponsors one container, and Kickapoo Township sponsors the other two. This is the same service as in Brimfield, with co-mingle recycling, so no separating is needed.  Check the Community Recycling page, or see signs on the containers for a list of accepted items. 

To insure this awesome service continues in our community, please follow all recycling rules, such as, break down cardboard boxes, make sure your items are on the accepted list, don't overfill the container, close container lids, and never leave items outside the container.  Thanks for your cooperation!  Happy Recycling!!   


Monday, February 4, 2013 - 18:47