COVID-19 Update - Curbside Pickup & In Person Services

Brimfield Public Library COVID-19 Update

August 2, 2021 update from the Brimfield Library Board of Trustees
Effective August 2, 2021 all staff and visitors (regardless of vaccination status) must wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth. If you are unable or unwilling to wear a mask, curbside service is available by request. Curbside materials can be requested by phone (309-446-9575) or online.

Temporary Policy: Facility use during the COVID-19 Pandemic
As we learn more about the transmission of COIVD-19 and/or review new recommendations from health officials, some of our safety procedure may change. If you have any questions or concerns about our procedures, please contact Cheryl Harlow, Director, at

Curbside Services
Curbside service is available for checking out, printing, and faxing. All returns must be placed in our outdoor book drop in front of the library or in the box located in Kickapoo. Curbside materials can be requested by phone (309-446-9575) or online.

Trusted information regarding COVID-19 is available from the Centers for Disease Control at and the Illinois Department of Public Health at

The Illinois Department of Public Health has a new statewide Covid-19 hotline and website to answer any questions from the public or to report a suspected case: call 1-800-889-3931 or visit

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