Community Recycling

In Brimfield, a community recycling container is located on the south side of the library off the alley inside the white fence.  To secure the gate when open, insert the drop-rod (attached to the inside/left of the gate) into the tube in the hole in the ground marked with bright color paint.
In Kickapoo, the community recycling containers are located at the Kickapoo Township building.

You can drop-off paper, cardboard (please break-down boxes to conserve space), magazines, telephone books, office paper (no construction paper), & junk mail; also, aluminum, steel tin cans, light steel such as coat hangers, wire racks, etc., #s1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7 plastic (#s are inside the recycling triangle) including grocery bags and bubble wrap.  Any items that contained food must be rinsed of any food residue.  No glass please, as Eagle Enterprises employees are sorters, and broken glass from the dumpster type containers is a hazard.  A more complete listing of accepted items is on the containers.  This service is co-mingled, so nothing has to be separated.  Donations for this service are appreciated and accepted in the library.  Thanks to Eagle Enterprises Recycling from Galva for making this service available to us!  For questions or comments, please contact library staff at 309-446-9575 or email

Recycling service in Brimfield is sponsored by Brimfield Public Library Dist.  
Recycling service in Kickapoo is sponsored by Brimfield Public Library Dist. and Kickapoo Township
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Live "Green", it's the right thing to do!!